sSki: o4rsom art.
This image explores the splendid solitude of the lone skier making their way downhill over virgin snow.

Stealthily gliding down a tree-clad slope, this lucky skier's delight is recorded only by their rhythmical swathes carved through the soft powdery snow.

(120 x 185mm)
(120 x 185mm)
(35 x 50cm)
(35 x 50cm)
(A4 to A2)
150.00- 300.00

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Canvases can be produced at any size you require up to A0, and stillretain the look of "an original". For the non-metric-minded, A4, A2,A0, etc are paper-sizes. Ask Wikipediafor why, but A4 is 297 x 210mm; A3 is 420 x 297mm; A2 is 594 x 420mm;A1 is 841 x 594mm; A0 is 1189 x 841mm.

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All artwork is from an original hand-painted by theartist.Resolution is the same for all art, it's just the format thatchanges. Naked and Block-Mounted prints are 347 x 497mm (13.6 x19.6inches) including border. Canvas prints will be the size of theoriginal artwork (between 350 x 500mm and 575 830mm) withouta border.

Please look around and let us know if you would likesomething original, in a different size, or whatever. We can't promise,but we can listen. We've already painted these pictures, but softwareis great for customising blades, boat and uniform! Please contactus to discuss costs.

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